Skin Care Eye Cream vs. Skin Care Face Cream

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Skin Care Eye Cream vs. Skin Care Face Cream

Many people wonder why they can’t use their anti-aging moisturizer as their under eye cream. After all, skin care face creams contain many beneficial ingredients that work to nourish and protect the skin. Using a basic face cream as an eye cream seems like it may save time and money; however, the damage this would cause would end up costing way more time and money to correct than if you had chosen better products to begin with.

The eye area is thinner, more delicate and more sensitive than the rest of this complexion. These are the main characteristics that require a separate skin care eye cream. In order to care for the eye area without causing irritation, the products used there must be tested by an ophthalmologist. As you may have guessed, most anti-aging face creams are not ophthalmologist tested, making them more likely to cause unwanted side effects. In addition, skin care products formulated for the face contain higher concentrations of active ingredients, which may be too aggressive for the delicate eye area.

Common eye area concerns, such as puffiness and bags, can be exacerbated by face creams due to the high levels of hydrating ingredients. While the best under eye creams certainly contain hydrators, the levels used are specially measured in order to work without causing excess puffiness in the eye area. Along those same lines, face creams don’t often contain skin care ingredients that help with dark circles and other eye area issues, making them less effective.

Overall, the debate of eye cream vs. face cream for use on the eye area comes down to common sense. The best eye cream is just that — an eye cream! When putting together your skin care regimen, choose a face cream formulated for your skin type, and an eye cream product that’s made to treat your specific eye area concerns. By selecting two separate “made for you” products, you’ll be able to target your unique skin care issues with a decreased risk of side effects and irritation.

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